Life begins on the other side of DESPAIR – Jean Paul Sarte

“When facing an unknown future, hope is just as reasonable as despair!” – Author Unknown

Feeling hopeless? In Despair? That’s okay. Sometimes we all visit the state of Rock Bottom. Certain situations may require us to take a detour there – relationships, finances, job loss, the death of a loved one… you get the drift. Rock Bottom may need to be used as a rest stop or for refueling and directions. Doesn’t mean we have to live there and make it our homestead.

Don’t get me wrong. Despair is real. You can’t move, eat, sleep, breath. I’ve been there. It’s a Double D experience – Debilitating and Devastating. Everyone eventually goes through it. Unfortunately, it runs in cycles and can recur multiple times and in different stages of your life. I know it doesn’t feel like it when you’re going through it, but just like the sun rises and sets daily, this too shall pass. It’s a cliché I know, but it’s also the truth.

During this time, encouraging words mean nothing when heard and are incomprehensible when read, but here’s my favorite quote. “If God took you to it, He’ll take you through it.” Here are more:  BELIEVE – If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” – Matthew 21:22. HAVE FAITH – “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” – Hebrew 11:1 (a mustard seed size is all that’s required). HOPE – “Hope is a firm assurance regarding things that are unclear and unknown.” – Romans 8:24-25.  These versus are my go-tos. Use them or find your own.

Hope canva

When despair happens, we tend to give in to the pain and let it consume and devour us. Don’t let it! Life may seem like it’s been full of nothing but gloom and desolation. But I’m sure if you penned it on paper you’ll find so much to be thankful for. Please know despair is transient, temporal. There’s no way to speed through it or turn it off though. It’s a free fall with a parachute that’s on autopilot. You don’t get to manually control it. However, even though the parachute is self-ejecting, it will discharge, and you will land safely.

Friends and family are great to talk to. But sometimes despair requires a more structured and/or clinical kind of therapy. Maybe you need your pastor or a psychiatrist. Sometimes, you may need both. There’s nothing wrong with getting help from whomever, wherever and whenever you can.

Cry, if you need to, even kick or scream. Go see a movie, shopping, take a walk, a vacation, warm bubble bath, drink a glass of wine, look into the innocent eyes of a child, PRAY. This list isn’t absolute. There’s a light at the end of your journey through the dark tunnel. Once you see it, cross on over.

Dark Tunnel Canva

Turn the table on despair!!! Grow. Live. Love. Hope. Embrace the suffering and squeeze it until it bursts like a balloon then throw the scraps away. Figure out what the lesson was and what you learned then apply it. Reassess, Reconstruct and Restart. Find your true calling; your true you. You may find that you’re bigger, better, stronger, whole – EVOLVED.

“We’ve got to live, no matter how many skies have fallen.”D.H. Lawrence, Lady Chatterley’s Lover

My advice: If the sky is falling, catch a cloud and ride it up.

Let’s “chatt” again soon.



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